Panatta Freeweight Special Viking Press and Calf 1FW029

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The Viking Press and Calf is a multifunctional machine that allows you to train effectively both the deltoid muscles with the clavicle bundles of the pectoralis major and the calf muscles (triceps suralis) in an upright position.

  • physiological load curve with progressive lever system
  • independent levers for single or bilateral execution
  • device for mutual locking of the two levers
  • spring counterbalance to reduce the unloaded weight of the levers
  • multiple handles for a prone, semi-prone and neutral grip
  • central handle with lengthwise adjustment to stabilize the body during the unilateral shoulder press exercise
  • supports for calf training
  • large 80×60 cm stabilization platform made of non-slip material
  • anti-slip platform for calf execution


  • super grip platform
  • 6 additional weight holders

Technical Specifications

  • Width: 150cm (59″)
  • Length: 190cm (75″)
  • Height: 190cm (75″)
  • Weight: 250Kg (551 lbs)
  • Max. Weight: 220Kg (485 lbs)
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Base Model, Glossy Silver, Matte Black